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On June 5, 1982, the Dogwood City Chapter of the Links, Incorporated was officially installed and began its philanthropic and volunteer commitments with twenty-four charter members. Dedicated to the purpose of promoting and engaging in educational, civic, and intercultural activities, Dogwood City Chapter became the second chapter in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

Today Dogwood City Chapter has 70 members. Members are especially proud of their involvement in the activities that benefit primarily the City of Atlanta, but also reach beyond the continental USA. We are unified and strong in the knowledge that our membership in friendship and service can make a difference. The Dogwood City Chapterís members are bonded by a chain of friendship and committed to improving the quality of life for others, particularly those of African descent.

Charter Members of Dogwood City
  • Billye Aaron
  • Jamilla Gibson Bell
  • Veronica Biggins
  • Sara Blackburn
  • Leteria Clemons
  • Brenda Hill Cole
  • Gail DeCosta
  • Glenda Hatchett
  • Pamela Hayling Hoffman
  • Lorraine Hunter
  • Rosemary Phillips
  • Pamela Robinson
  • Jacquelyn Sampson
  • Dianne Washington
  • Anita Thomas Whatley
  • Evonne Yancey
National History
The Links, Inc.

The Links, Incorporated is a predominantly African-American womenís volunteer service organization founded in 1946. In its first 55 years, the organization grew to comprise over 10,000 members linked in friendship and service. The Links includes over 274 chapters located throughout the US, as well as Nassau, The Bahamas and Frankfurt, Germany. Links are committed and talented women who work to enhance the quality of life in the larger communities where they live. Links are concerned with enriching, sustaining and ensuring the identities, culture and economic survival of African Americans and other people of African decent.

Annually, The Links contribute over $10 million and millions of hours of service toward the implementation of Linksí projects and initiatives in the communities in Links chapterís service areas across the country.

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Or write to:
The Links, Incorporated
1200 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20005-4501
Telephone: (202) 842-8686
Fax: (202) 842-4020
The Links Foundation, Incorporated

The Links Foundation, Incorporated was created by The Links, Incorporated and is committed to enhancing and expanding the programs set forth by the organization. The goal of The Links Foundation is to maximize the philanthropic assets of the organization and to fortify the revenues available for Links to continue to engage in courageous, long-lasting and life-changing solutions. As a designated 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, The Links Foundation provides a means of securing tax exemption for chapters of The Links, Incorporated.

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